There Are Some Basic Concepts About Hot Melt Glue Gun


Hot melt glue gun is a kind of decoration tool, which h […]

Hot melt glue gun
is a kind of decoration tool, which has accurate opening and closing effect,
various nozzles, can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique
filter screen design, and is conducive to cleaning and other

General hot melt glue gun will not deform when used at 300℃ for
a long time, and the joint is durable. Therefore, hot melt adhesive machines are
widely used in electronic factories, food factories, packaging factories and
other hot melt adhesive products.

Make up for the shortcomings of automatic spray guns, and meet
the needs of mobile use. The shell of the gun body is made of imported
materials, which can withstand high temperatures of 300℃, ensure no deformation
during long-term high-temperature use, and the gun body is light in weight,
convenient and flexible to operate.

Unique protective equipment design to prevent operators from
being scalded accidentally during work; Universal joint combines European
advanced technology, which makes it easy to operate and durable. Helix, strip,
dot and fog fibers are available for different industries.

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