Taizhou Luxi Tools Co., Ltd was established in 2003. As an OEM manufacturer for over 15 years, Luxi has developed series of products to meet customers’ demand, including air painting spray guns, pneumatic tools, airless sprayers, air compressors and etc. As well as Luxi Tools gets ISO9001 certificate for its managing systems, the company also gets UL, ETL, GS, CE and other necessary approvals or certificates for most of its products.

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2020, Nov, 23

Oil-free Air Compressor has A Broad Market Prospect

The energy saving of the new air compressor is an important factor in entering the market. The green influence of the ne...

2020, Nov, 09

Cordless Paint Spraying Machine Can Save More Paint

The main function of automatic paint spraying equipment is a tool and equipment for coating the surface of products. It ...

2020, Nov, 02

How To Choose A Cost-Effective Air Compressor?

In recent years, my country's industry has been developing from time to time, and air compressor has become a necessary ...

2020, Oct, 26

Analysis of The Hot Selling of Airless Paint Sprayer

There are many spraying equipment on the market, why is airless paint sprayer so popular? Let's do a simple analysis bel...

2020, Oct, 19

The Energy Saving of Air Compressors is An Important Factor in Entering The Market

More and more energy-saving, emission-reduction, and environmental protection new technologies have made breakthroughs, ...

2020, Oct, 12

Product Parts And Accessories for Glue Guns

Introduce the product parts and accessories of the glue gun: 1. Gun body part Precise module design and manual switch de...

2020, Oct, 05

Low Current Spraying, Small Powder Quantity Control

Features and advantages of electric paint sprayer: 1. Voltage and current can be adjusted automatically and controlled p...

2020, Sep, 28

Introduction of Spraying Method of Airless Paint Sprayer

Today we will talk about the correct spray method of airless paint sprayer: In order to achieve a perfect spraying effec...

2020, Sep, 21

How to choose paint sprayer?

Teach you how to buy spray gun? 1. The performance of the equipment, for powder spraying equipment, is mainly the powder...

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