How To Choose The Right Air Gun?


If the object to be painted is large, a spray gun with […]

If the object to be painted is large, a spray gun with a larger caliber should be used, so that the paint output is large and the speed is fast. When the spraying quality requirements are high, a paint spray gun with good spray nozzle atomization should be selected. On the contrary, if the objects are large and the quality requirements are not high, choosing a spray gun with good atomization will affect the efficiency. When the amount of paint is small, the area of the sprayed object is small, and the colors are many, the use of a large spray gun will cause waste and cannot improve the quality. At this time, a gravity spray gun should be used, because the spray gun has a small capacity for paint, easy to change colors, and clean the paint. Save thinner when potting.

The larger the caliber of the spray gun, the greater the air pressure required, the more paint sprayed, and the higher the consistency of the paint. The caliber of the spray gun and the air hole of the air cap of the spray gun nozzle are matched with each other. Air caps are divided into porous and less-porous types. The porous air cap has a large amount of air, good atomization performance, and good film quality; The small-hole type air cap has a small amount of air, but has a poor atomization ability, and is suitable for objects with low requirements for spraying quality.

The degree of atomization of the spray paint has a great relationship with the caliber of the spray gun, the viscosity of the paint, the amount of air discharged from the air outlet, and the angle p of the arrangement. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the nozzle diameter and the number of air outlets according to different types of paint, and adjust the viscosity of the paint. If you want to learn more about the methods and techniques of air guns, please continue to pay attention to LUXI air guns manufacturer. Professional guarantee gives you reliable quality.