How to Choose A Suitable Air Compressor?


How to choose the right air compressor? The following L […]

How to choose the right air compressor? The following Luxi will tell everyone:

First of all, the working pressure required by the gas end shall be determined, plus a margin of 1-2bar, and then the pressure of the air compressor shall be selected (the margin is the pressure loss from the installation location of the air compressor to the actual gas end pipeline distance, and the pressure margin shall be properly considered between 1-2bar according to the length of the distance).

Of course, the size of the pipeline path and the number of turning points are also factors that affect the pressure loss. The larger the pipeline path and the fewer turning points, the smaller the pressure loss. On the contrary, the greater the pressure loss.

Therefore, when the distance between the air compressor and the pipelines at each gas end is too far, the diameter of the main pipeline should be appropriately enlarged. If the environmental conditions meet the installation requirements of the air compressor and the working conditions permit, it can be installed nearby at the gas end.

Volume flow type selection:

1. When selecting the volume flow rate of the air compressor, the volume flow rate of all air-using equipment shall be known first, and the total flow rate shall be multiplied by 1.2 (i.e. the margin shall be enlarged by 20%).

2. On the new project, Mark will select the type according to the flow value provided by the design institute.

3. Know the volume flow parameters of the gas equipment from the gas equipment supplier to select the type. 4. The reconstruction of air compressor station can be selected according to the original parameter values combined with actual gas usage.

Appropriate type selection is beneficial to users and air compressor equipment. Excessive and wasteful type selection may lead to long-term loading of the air compressor, insufficient gas consumption or pressure failure.

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