LX-7205 Twin Hammer Impact Wrench

LX-7205 Twin Hammer Impact Wrench

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Product Details

Professional Impact

Wrench Twin hammer mechanism has 2 identical hammers that deliver an instantaneous balanced blow, reducing vibration and transferring more torque to the drive end of the anvil than any other mechanism on the market.
Twin hammer mechanism provides more power and smooth balanced blows.(Screened filter) Air inlet prevents dirt and debris from damaging the tool. Twin hammer impact wrench is designed for tire shop, suspension, frame and other heavy duty automobile work.


3/8"Air Impact Wrench 

Free speed:9500rpm
Average air consumption:7.2 scfm,204 I/min
Square drive:3/8"
Max. torque:250 ft-lb,350 n.m
Exhaust: Handle
Air pressure:90psi,6.3kg/cm2
Sug. air compressor:2.5

HP Air inlet:1/4"



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