Taizhou Luxi Tools Co., Ltd was established in 2003. As an OEM manufacturer for over 15 years, Luxi has developed series of products to meet customers’ demand, including air painting spray guns, pneumatic tools, airless sprayers, air compressors and etc. As well as Luxi Tools gets ISO9001 certificate for its managing systems, the company also gets UL, ETL, GS, CE and other necessary approvals or certificates for most of its products.

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2021, Jul, 26

Luxi Tools is to move to the new facility

Luxi is to start to move to new facility early August 2021. As to try to maximumly avoid the affection on the crowded or...

2021, Jun, 25

Why Choose An Oil-Free Compressor?

We know that in many industries, air purity is of paramount importance. Even the smallest drop of oil can cause product ...

2021, Jun, 18

How To Choose The Right Air Gun?

If the object to be painted is large, a spray gun with a larger caliber should be used, so that the paint output is larg...

2021, Jun, 11

Why Choose LUXI Electric Paint Sprayer?

LUXI's electric paint sprayer is very popular in the market, let's take a look at its characteristics: Large capacity an...

2021, Jun, 04

Come And Understand The Classification of Air Spray Guns

Come to know the classification of air spray guns and choose a good spray gun. According to the working principle of air...

2021, May, 24

Classification Introduction of Airless Spraying

Airless spray can be divided into hot spray, cold spray, electrostatic spray, air subsidy and other types. The developme...

2021, May, 17

The Main Purpose of Air Compressor

Today we will introduce the main purpose of the air compressor: 1. The air compressor can be powered by compressed air M...

2021, Apr, 26

What Can The Hot Melt Glue Gun Stick To?

Hot melt glue machine is widely used in electronics factories, food factories, packaging factories, and other hot melt a...

2021, Apr, 19

Reasonable Application of Spray Gun Nozzle

It is no stranger to mention that electric paint sprayer is used as electrostatic spraying equipment, but some small det...

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