Where is The High Pressure Airless Spraying Machine Suitable For?


The appearance of high-pressure airless paint sprayer m […]

The appearance of high-pressure airless paint sprayer machine brings great convenience to construction work. It has high pressure and high construction efficiency. Compared with the common air sprayer, the high-pressure airless sprayer uses a mechanical pump to directly pressurize the paint. As no air enters during the whole spraying process, this ensures that there will be no water vapor in the sprayed coating and the sprayed coating will have better quality and effect.

What construction sites and industries can use high-pressure airless spraying machines?

Suitable for latex paint industry: latex paint spraying, internal and external wall paint spraying.

Applicable to waterproof industry: waterproof coating spraying, water-based asphalt waterproof materials, water-based rubber and plastic waterproof materials.

Suitable for anticorrosion industry: steel structure duty paint spraying, ship duty paint spraying, bridge duty paint spraying, container duty paint spraying,

It is applicable to the marine industry: antirust paint, anticorrosive paint, antifouling paint, weatherproof paint, heat resistant coatings, ship primer, hull paint, deck paint, logo paint, oil tank paint, battery tank paint, ballast water tank paint, ammunition tank paint, living tank paint and other special functional coatings.

Applicable to construction industry: painting of large and medium-sized civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

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