What is the core technology of airless spraying machine?


The airless paint sprayer is a kind of spraying equipme […]

The airless paint sprayer is a kind of spraying equipment with many uses in
recent years. Compared with the traditional manual operation, it has the
characteristics of high efficiency, time saving and labor saving.

Today, let's talk about the solutions to
common troubles of the spraying machine:

First, the paint mist sector is broken
in stripes

1. The hose is too long and the pressure drop
is too large; The suction of the feed pipe is insufficient and the paint
viscosity is high. The solution is to shorten the hose or use a large diameter

2. The air pressure is insufficient and the
spraying machine does not operate evenly. The solution is to overhaul the air
compressor, air pressure regulating valve and spraying machine.

3. Nozzle is too large or worn out. Solution:
Replace the nozzle.

4. The air passage is blocked or the flow is
insufficient, thus solving the problem of dredging the air passage and
increasing the flow.

Second, the spray coating machine
coating sag

1. The pressure is too high, solve the
adjustment pressure.

2. If the nozzle diameter is too large or
worn, replace the nozzle.

3. The distance between the spray gun and the
coated object is too close to solve the adjustment distance.

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