Transformation and Growth of Compressor Industry in China


Air compressor is the basic product of modern industria […]

is the basic product of modern
industrialization and plays a very important role in industrial development. In
order to meet the needs of the development of national construction, our country
has set about setting up its own scientific research and teaching team and
organizing compressor industry factories to continuously develop new

In 1959, the development of the first typical product in the
series of piston compressors for power was completed, marking the beginning of
the development of domestic compressors in China. In 1966, China completed the
manufacture of the first screw compressor. Due to the influence of political
factors on China's national economy, low production efficiency and slow
development have seriously hindered the development of compressor manufacturing

What changed this development situation was that after the
reform and opening up, especially at the end of the last century, the
development of our national economy has entered a fast track. The original
industrial system has been unable to meet the needs of continuous development.
This has prompted manufacturing industries in developed countries and regions to
invest in factories. At the same time, it has also promoted the development of
national industries.

Entering the 20th century, due to technological breakthroughs
and the reduction of accessory prices, screw compressors have mushroomed, with
more than 100 manufacturers. Since then, the manufacturing industry of screw
compressors has shown a phenomenon of contention.

Taizhou Luxi Tool Co., Ltd was established in 2003. As an OEM
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