The Cause Of The Failure Of The Air Compressor

The Cause Of The Failure Of The Air Compressor

  According to feedback from major customers, there are many reasons for air compressor failure. The method of troubleshooting is different from the structure of the maintenance machine.

  (1) The friction surface of the moving parts will cause natural wears during work, change the size, shape and quality of the surface, and destroy the original normal gap, thus making the technical performance of the compressor worse and causing to malfunction.

  (2) The various parts of the compressor are widely connected with bolts and screws. During operation, they will naturally loosen or even loosen due to vibration. After the spring is used for a long time, the free height will decrease, the elastic force will be weakened, and the parts will overheat due to excessive cool. Excessive brittleness and annealing; failure of each seal due to long-term use can result in compressor failure.

  In the use of air compressors, it is also very common to have a fault. If you buy equipment made by a regular manufacturer at this time, then you will get perfect after-sales service, so when purchasing this series of equipment, Be sure to choose a reliable manufacturer.

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