The Automatic Spraying Machine has High Coating Efficiency


The advantages of automatic spraying machine are as fol […]

The advantages of automatic spraying
are as follows:

1. The paint film quality is good, the coating is smooth and
fine, and there are no brush marks. It sprays and atomizes the paint under
pressure into fine particles, which are evenly distributed on the wall surface,
so that latex paint forms a smooth, smooth and compact coating on the wall
surface without brush marks and rolling marks, which are incomparable to the
original methods such as brush and rolling.

2. High coating efficiency. The spraying efficiency of single
person operation is as high as 200-500 square meters/hour, which is 10-15 times
that of manual brushing.

3. Good adhesion and long coating life. It uses high-pressure
injection to make atomized coating particles obtain strong kinetic energy; The
coating particles can shoot into the pores by this kinetic energy to make the
paint film denser, thus enhancing the mechanical biting force between the paint
film and the wall surface, improving the adhesion of the coating and effectively
prolonging the service life of the coating.

4. Uniform film thickness and high coating utilization rate. The
thickness of the manual brush roller is extremely uneven, generally between 30
and 250 microns, and the coating utilization rate is low. However, airless
spraying can easily obtain a coating with a thickness of 30 microns.

5. Easy to reach corners and gaps. Due to the adoption of
high-pressure airless spraying, the coating spray does not contain air, and the
coating is easy to reach corners, crevices, uneven hard-to-brush parts, etc.,
especially suitable for office ceilings with many air-conditioning and
fire-fighting pipelines, but the rolling brush is difficult to

6. High viscosity paint can be sprayed, while hand brush, air
spray, etc. are only suitable for low viscosity paint.

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