Strengthening Spraying Technology to Improve After-Sales


In order to improve the maintenance efficiency of China […]

In order to improve the maintenance efficiency of China spray gun, additional personnel are sent to join the maintenance engineering team to improve the work efficiency and increase the recognition of our customers.

First of all, increase the training of technicians in the maintenance of paint spray guns and other pneumatic tools, so that more people can solve the practical problems existing in customers, thus improving the overall efficiency of the company, and hope to have personnel to supervise and guide.

In order to enhance coating technology, after-sales can be improved. Therefore, in order to strengthen the service to customers, it is very important to enhance the painting knowledge of each technician, whether it is in spray guns, paint spray guns, or oil supply systems (pressure barrels, diaphragm pumps).

As a saying goes, technology lies in refinement! Only by strengthening our own professional knowledge can we serve our customers better! I hope all employees will actively participate in the training of the company.

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