Spray Gun Sprayer Saves Paint Consumption


China spray gun painting is ideal for auto body shop,fu […]

China spray gun painting is ideal for auto body shop,furniture plant ,industrial spray booth,upholstery to spray gun fine pattern with saved paint consumption.

Mini spray gun is designed for the top coating,touch-up spraying,small spot finish repairment.

Main Features of spray gun:

Corrosion-proof design without O-ring,can be cleaned just leave the gunbody into rosin water,thinner without worring the sealing parts will be corroded.

10 psi low pressure through the air cap making the spaying softer,easily control and less overspray in high transfer efficiency.

This air compressor spray gun includes adjustable fluid,pattern and air controls.

Designed to provide equal atomization and particle size for all kinds of surface painting.

Stainless iron nozzle accommodate a variety of coating.

Precise brass air cap set.

Light weight,ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduce operating fatigue.

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