Specific Characteristics of Automatic Painting Equipment


Painting is an important link in surface manufacturing […]

Painting is an important link in surface manufacturing process. Rust prevention, corrosion prevention, aesthetic appearance and changing the use of materials are the shortcomings of coating quality is one of the important aspects of the overall quality of products. The appearance quality of the product not only reflects the protection and decoration performance of the product, but also is an important factor that constitutes the value of the product. The painting equipment is a crucial part of the whole painting process.

Painting and painting equipment is generally divided into dry and wet types. Dry painting is used for small amount of painting, while wet painting room is used for large amount of painting. Whether wet painting room has pump, water curtain, water swirl, scroll and Fangshili type, etc.

Cordless paint sprayer is a special equipment that automatically covers metal and nonmetal surfaces with protective or decorative layers and replaces manual labor with intelligent operation. It is also called spraying robot and automatic painting equipment. The automatic paint spraying equipment has large working range, fast speed and high precision, is especially suitable for spraying small and medium-sized parts such as metals, plastics and other materials, and can be integrated with auxiliary equipment such as turntable, sliding table conveying chain system and the like.

The specific characteristics of automatic painting equipment are as follows:

(1) Coating equipment cannot be separated from solvent, and many parts need solvent resistance.

(2) The coating is flammable and explosive, and many parts of the equipment should be treated with flame retardant and explosion proof.

(3) The coating process requires more precision and equipment precision.

(4) The equipment load is low and there are few heavy equipment.

(5) It is easier for coating equipment to plan production line and save labor.

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