Product Types and Differences of Automatic Spraying Machines


There are many types of automatic painting machines and […]

There are many types of automatic painting machines and
accessories: 2-axis, 3-axis and 4-axis, and the number of axes of the painting
machine is determined according to the complexity. It is also divided into
China spray gun, full-automatic spraying machine, glue applicator, arc spraying machine,
glue applicator, high-pressure airless spraying machine, two-component spraying
machine, spray gun, air spray gun, pneumatic double diaphragm pump, automatic
stirring pressure conveying barrel, electrostatic powder spraying equipment, new
powder spraying equipment, flame powder spraying system, etc.

Some backward equipment has gradually been replaced by new spray
machines. Take the new spray painting machine for example, it is qualitatively
different from the traditional spray painting method in the past.

1. The automatic coating machine has extremely high coating
efficiency. The spraying efficiency is as high as 500-1200 square meters per
hour, which is more than 10 times that of the traditional roller

2. The automatic spraying machine has excellent surface quality.
The sprayed coating is flat, smooth, compact, free of brush marks, rolling
marks, and particles.

3. The automatic spraying machine can prolong the service life
of the coating. High-pressure airless spraying can make coating particles
penetrate into the gaps of the wall, so that the paint film can form mechanical
engagement with the wall surface, enhance the adhesive force of the coating, and
prolong the service life.

4. The automatic spraying machine can easily conquer corners,
gaps and uneven hard-to-brush parts.

5. Automatic spraying machine can save paint. Brush coating
thickness is extremely uneven, generally 30-250 microns.

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