Low Current Spraying, Small Powder Quantity Control


Features and advantages of electric paint sprayer: 1. V […]

Features and advantages of electric paint sprayer:

1. Voltage and current can be adjusted automatically and controlled precisely.

Touch keys to achieve high-end spraying operations

Select any electrostatic spraying program of "flat parts", "complex surface workpieces" or "respray parts" by touching the key. The electrostatic high voltage and current are automatically set to the best value, which is the best for spraying various shapes of workpieces The electrostatic parameters required for the powder loading rate can overcome the Faraday effect in the operation of the corona electrostatic spraying equipment to the greatest extent.

2. The current and voltage can be set arbitrarily.

According to the needs of the workpiece being sprayed, the appropriate current and voltage mode can be set arbitrarily.

For example, high voltage and low current are used for secondary coating, so that repeated spraying can reduce orange peel.

Achieve excellent results.

For the spraying of the dead corner of the groove, low voltage and high current are selected, which can effectively overcome the Faraday shielding phenomenon.

Choose low voltage, low current spray effect, small powder control, can make the painted workpiece achieve fine spray effect.

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