Electrostatic Spraying Equipment Plays Advantages in Industrial Production


Taizhou Luxi Tools Co., Ltd will show you the advantage […]

Taizhou Luxi Tools Co., Ltd will show you the advantages of
electrostatic spraying.

Electrostatic spraying equipment plays an advantage in
industrial production, while the upfront equipment investment cost of foreign
coating equipment ranges from millions to tens of millions, which makes many
enterprises flinch from UV paint.

1. The painting efficiency is improved several times: a worker,
a production line can spray hundreds of sets of doors a day, which is not
limited by the specifications and styles of the doors. At the same time, it does
not need to be dried and can be polished and sprayed for the second time in a
few minutes.

2. Save 50% of paint: due to the adoption of electrostatic
technology, the actual utilization rate of paint by electrostatic spraying UV
paint production line is as high as over 90%, while the utilization rate of air
spraying is only 30%~40%. Electrostatic spraying UV paint greatly improves the
utilization rate of paint.

3. Better quality: Electrostatic spraying UV paint uses
specially formulated paint. After electrostatic atomization, the diameter of
paint particles is only 13~15µm, which is half of that of air spraying, and the
paint film is more delicate and smooth.

4. Grinding is easier: Electrostatic spraying UV paint is
specially equipped with polymer paint, with finer paint molecules and superior
grinding performance, which can greatly save grinding time and labor

5. Real low-carbon and environment-friendly coating:
Electrostatic spraying UV paint allows special paint to move directionally
through electrostatic field, greatly reducing the amount of diluent, thus making
the entire coating line as clean as a high-tech workshop. Even if one stands
beside the spray gun, one cannot smell the smell of paint, which is real
low-carbon coating.

With the increasingly fierce market competition of liquid
electrostatic spraying equipment, quick and effective control of market
development has become the key to the success of enterprises and decision

As an OEM manufacturer for over 15 years, Luxi has developed
series of products to meet customers’ demand.

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