Do You Know The Correct Spraying Method for Airless Paint Sprayer?


Do you know the correct spraying method for airless pai […]

Do you know the correct spraying method for airless paint sprayer?

In order to achieve perfect spraying effect, it is very important to always keep the spray gun at a 90 degree angle during the spraying process, so as to ensure uniform spraying of the whole surface.

The best distance between the nozzle and the spraying surface is 25-30cm.

Move the arm at a constant speed and always keep the distance between the spray gun and the spraying surface constant. Keep the spray gun parallel to the spraying surface. So you have to move your entire arm, not your wrist.

After the arm moves, press the trigger of the spray gun. Release the trigger after spraying. When the trigger is pressed or released, the spray gun should be in a moving state.

The next spraying covers about 30% of the area of the previous spraying to ensure uniform spraying.

When spraying glaze topcoat or latex paint, first spray the surrounding area (edges and corners), then spray the large area in the middle.

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