Come And Understand The Classification of Air Spray Guns


Come to know the classification of air spray guns and c […]

Come to know the classification of air spray guns and choose a good spray gun.

According to the working principle of air spray gun, it can be divided into three categories:

Gravity air spray gun with coating gravity and front vacuum suction at the same time; Suction-up air spray gun with only front vacuum suction; The paint pump presses paint to the air spray gun at the front end of the nozzle.

In addition, according to different types of coatings used, it can also be divided into primer spray gun and topcoat spray gun. Rongpeng air spray gun comprises a gun body and a gun head.

According to the difference of coating supply mode, coating nozzle diameter, air consumption and spray pattern, etc.

There are three types of air spray guns: suction type, gravity type and pressure type. When the compressed air produced by the air compressor in Rongpeng spray gun is sprayed out by the air cap at the front of the spray gun, a low pressure zone lower than the atmospheric pressure is produced in the front of the paint nozzle connected with it. Automatic selection of spray gun for quick, easy and excellent performance is recorded. The pressure difference generated at the spray gun mouth sucks the paint out of the paint storage tank, and under the action of high-speed jet force of compressed air, the paint is atomized into particles and sprayed on the surface of the coated object.

Suction-up manual spray gun: The principle is to use high-speed airflow to make the manual spray gun vacuum locally, thus generating suction to suck the paint from the pot to the nozzle for atomization and spraying, mainly for large-area spraying. The advantage is that the atomization of the paint is better, which can meet the requirements of film thickness and glossiness. The paint tank of suction type manual spray gun is located at the lower part of the spray gun, and the paint nozzle generally protrudes slightly forward than the central hole of the air cap. Compressed air is ejected from the central hole of the air cap, that is, around the paint nozzle, forming negative pressure at the front end of the paint nozzle, which sucks the paint out of the paint tank and atomizes it. The spraying amount of paint by suction hand spray gun is obviously affected by the viscosity and density of paint, and is closely related to the caliber of paint nozzle. Suction-up manual spray gun is suitable for general discontinuous spraying operations.

Gravity spray gun: the paint is led from the upper pot to the lower nozzle by gravity, and then atomized and sprayed by wind power. The previous design was for small-area repair, but now it has been developed to full spraying, which has the advantage of saving paint when repairing small areas. The coating of gravity spray gun is located at the upper part of the spray gun. The coating is sprayed from the coating nozzle by its own gravity and the negative pressure formed by the front end of the coating nozzle, and then mixed with air for atomization. The basic structure of air spray gun is the same as that of suction type air spray gun, but under the same spraying conditions, the spraying amount of paint is larger than that of suction type. Gravity air spray gun is used in spraying operations with less coating consumption and frequent color change. When there is a large amount of paint, a high-level paint tank can be set up and connected with the air spray gun by a hose. In this case, the spraying amount of paint can be adjusted by changing the height of the paint tank.

Pressure-delivery air spray gun: Pressure-delivery air spray gun supplies paint from another paint pressurization tank, which can supply paint to several air spray guns at the same time by increasing the pressure of pressurization tank. Pressure-delivery air spray gun is suitable for working occasions with large amount of paint and continuous spraying.

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