Applicable Industries and Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Gun


Electrostatic spray gun is the basic product for the mo […]

Electrostatic spray
is the basic product for the modernization of
industrial spraying equipment.

Today Luxi will tell you some related knowledge about
electrostatic spray gun. If you are interested, go ahead and look.

Applicable industries:

Liquid electrostatic spray gun is suitable for: metal parts,
carbon fiber products, electroplating protection, automobile parts, steel
furniture, wood household products and all conductive coatings. It has been
widely used in various industries.

Advantages of electrostatic spray

1. Saving paint and adopting electrostatic painting operation
can reduce waste and over-coating of paint, effectively reduce cleaning and
waste management costs, and can save 40% of paint, and the coating rate is as
high as more than 90%.

2. Save time and improve production capacity. Due to the
principle of electrostatic natural coating, it is not necessary to correctly aim
the spray gun and surround the coated object, thus shortening the spraying
operation time and increasing the production capacity.

3. The quality is improved. Due to the ultra-fine atomization of
oil particles caused by static electricity, it is easy to reach high standard
surface quality during topcoat operation.

4. Reduce flying pollution, reduce ineffective overcoating, meet
more and more strict environmental protection requirements, and can effectively
ensure the health of the environment and personnel.

5. The degree of automation is high. Due to the electrostatic
adsorption principle, the barrier to the technical requirements of employees has
been removed. Ordinary employees can also operate with higher quality and higher
output, thus completely getting rid of the problem of relying on technical

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