Air Tool is an Important Branch of Hardware Industry


With excellent controllability and operability, electri […]

With excellent controllability and operability, electric tools
greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and realize
mechanization of manual operation compared with manual tools, and are cheaper
and easier to control than pneumatic tools. With the progress of the times, the
innovation of science and technology, and the development of society, air
will gradually grow into the pillar of the
hardware industry.

In the country's largest specialized hardware market, it has
brought together all kinds of hardware products from all over the country and
even the world. The number of shops engaged in air tools business is gradually
rising in this diverse and competitive market, which shows that air tools
products have a considerable development future and a superior market

Air tools has good prospects:

1. In terms of working capacity, air tools can be easily
operated by operating the handle of the air supply valve and adjusting the
regulating valve. It can provide more levels of selection in the rotation speed
range. Under the same output power, AIR TOOLS is small and light compared with
electric tools. Air tools is more suitable for working for a long time without
generating heat, and even if the compressed air engine is overloaded, the tool
only stops rotating and resumes normal operation once the overload phenomenon is

2. In terms of environmental applicability, air tools has
stronger water resistance. Immersion is harmful to tools, but it will not
generate electric sparks and cause hazards like electric tools. Moreover,
because air tools can use the internal combustion engine air pump, it can adapt
to various bad or harsh environments.

3. In terms of economy, the initial investment of electric tools
is lower, but the long-term energy consumption is higher, and the maintenance
and replacement costs of tools are also higher. The initial investment of air
tools requires the establishment of air pressure pipeline equipment, but the
long-term use of air tools has lower cost in terms of energy consumption and
tool maintenance.

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