Advantages and Disadvantages of Pneumatic and Electric Sprayers


The working principles of pneumatic and electric airles […]

The working principles of pneumatic and electric airless spraying machines are roughly the same, and both have their own power, which is fast and convenient to use and saves time and labor. The only difference between them is the difference in energy supply.

Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic airless paint sprayer and electric paint sprayer machine.

The pneumatic airless spraying has the advantages of large pressure on the coating, strong material absorption capacity, and considerable thickness of the one-time spraying coating, which is suitable for large-scale construction. And can work in dangerous environments with combustible gases such as gas and the like.

Disadvantages: complicated operation, difficult maintenance, and high energy consumption. As mentioned earlier, pneumatic airless spraying equipment requires a high-power air compressor to provide the required power, two operating machines, double the maintenance and use costs, and is not suitable for use at low temperatures, so general manufacturers will not use it.

Advantages of electric spraying machine: low cost and simple maintenance. It is most suitable for spraying oily and water-based coatings. It is the spraying equipment widely used by manufacturers at present.

Disadvantages: The service life is shorter than that of pneumatic equipment.

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