Why Choose An Oil-Free Compressor?


We know that in many industries, air purity is of param […]

We know that in many industries, air purity is of paramount importance. Even the smallest drop of oil can cause product deterioration or damage production equipment. This is why you must consider your production process and final product when choosing an air compressor. More and more companies hope to use oil-free air compressors as a reliable source of clean compressed air.

Oil-free compressors use various technologies to put aside the need for oil. In an oil-lubricated compressor, the oil in the compression chamber is used to cool and seal the gas. In an oil-free compressor, no matter what technology is used, no oil is used in the compression chamber. This eliminates the risk of pollution and ensures 100% air purity!

In addition to completely risk-free operation, some of the core benefits of choosing an oil-free compressor are as follows:

1. Low life cycle cost

Save oil change costs and equipment costs for cleaning and separating oil and gas, such as oil separators, filtering equipment, and condensate treatment.

2. Environmentally friendly

Oil-free compressors are more in line with international environmental regulations than lubrication systems, and are the choice of environmentally friendly compressors.

3. Less maintenance

No oil and few moving parts means less maintenance and a small range of problems.

4. ISO certified air quality

All our air compressors have reached ISO 1 or ISO 0 air purity.

5. Quiet design

Due to the limited moving parts, noise pollution is reduced and vibration is reduced.

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