What are The Main Characteristics of Oil-Free Compressors?


Oil-free compressor is a compressor without oil for com […]

Oil-free compressor is a compressor without oil for compressed gas, i.e. oil-free lubrication of compressor generally refers to oil-free parts (excluding transmission parts) contacted by compressed gas. The main features of the oilless compressor are:

(1) Compressed gas is free of oil stain, does not need deoiling treatment, and does not pollute the environment.

(2) Low energy consumption. Taking the saved lubricating oil as an example, an oilless high-pressure circulating machine can save 3600kg of lubricating oil per year.

(3) The oil-free lubricating compressor system cancels the oiler, oil separator and other equipment, which not only greatly reduces the resistance of the system and is beneficial to increasing the output, but also reduces the maintenance work plate and maintenance cost of the oiler and oil separator.

(4) The ideal oil-free lubricating compressor has a long service life due to the small friction coefficient of the sealing friction parts, thus reducing the non-production maintenance time and cost. Therefore, the efficiency is higher than that of oil lubricated compressors.

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