What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil-free Air Compressor?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of oil-free a […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of oil-free air compressor? Luxi will show you

Quiet oil-free air compressor belongs to a special type of air
compressor in the oil-free air compressor family. Apart from itself and
compressed air that does not sweat any lubricating oil, its biggest
characteristic is that it makes very little noise at work and will not cause any
impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, we call it quiet oil-free air

The characteristics of silent oil-free air

1. Low noise. Output air pressure is stable without fluctuation,
minimizing noise pollution. It is suitable for analytical testing, laboratory
matching, laboratories of major universities, research institutes, environmental
protection, health and epidemic prevention and other testing

2. No oil, no water. The air compressor solves the problems of
oil and water out of the output gas. And equipped with a drain port, so as to be
able to timely discharge the water filtered out of the gas tank.

3. Steady flow. The air compressor adopts the latest
pressure-saving device, and the output air is constant-current and
stable-voltage, so that laboratory instruments such as atomic absorption have
good reproducibility during testing.

4. Long service life. The air compressor is additionally
equipped with a starting preheating device, the machine is provided with an
external protector, and the inside of the jar is subjected to internal spraying
treatment, which not only reasonably uses the air compressor, but also has
strong universality and long service life.

5. Easy operation. The trouble of oil machine and screw air
compressor frequently checking and adding lubricating oil is eliminated, the
regular maintenance time is long, and the normal operation can be realized
through daily power transmission. The operation is simple and convenient, and
there is no need to be on duty.

Disadvantages of Mute Oil-free Air

1. Due to advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, the
cost is relatively high and the price is relatively high.

2. There is still room for improvement in manufacturing

3. Exhaust pressure is generally low.

4. The displacement is generally low, so it cannot meet the
demand for large-scale gas supply.

Generally speaking, the advantages of silent oil-free air
compressors far outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, they have been widely
used in places such as hospitals and schools that require comparison of
compressed air quality and environmental quietness.

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