Three Application Characteristics of Spraying Robot


Spraying robots are industrial robots that can automati […]

Spraying robots are industrial robots that can automatically
spray paint or other coatings. Painting robots are usually driven by hydraulic
pressure, which has the characteristics of fast action speed and good
explosion-proof performance. The teaching can be realized through hand-held
teaching or point-to-point counting.

Painting robots are widely used in automotive, instrumentation,
electrical appliances, enamel and other process production departments. Its main
application features are summarized as follows:

1.Good flexibility.

(1) large radius of movement and good flexibility.

(2) spraying of the inner surface and the outer surface can be

(3) It can realize mixed line production of various types of
vehicles, such as car, station wagon, pickup truck and other body mixed line

2.Improve the spraying quality and material utilization

(1) copying the spraying track to improve the appearance
spraying quality such as the uniformity of the coating film.

(2) Reduce the amount of overspray and cleaning solvent, and
improve the utilization rate of materials.

3.Easy operation and maintenance.

(1) It can be programmed off-line, greatly shortening the
debugging time on site.

(2) The plug-in structure and modular design can realize quick
installation and replacement of components and greatly shorten the maintenance

(3) The maintenance of all components is accessible and
convenient for maintenance.

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