The Main Purpose of Air Compressor


Today we will introduce the main purpose of the air com […]

Today we will introduce the main purpose of the air compressor:

1. The air compressor can be powered by compressed air

Many industries use compressed air to provide a certain amount of power for production. The compressed air can be used for power, machinery and pneumatic tools, as well as control instruments and automation devices, ranging from the driving of various pneumatic machinery to large Both the defense industry and the ups and downs of submarines, use the power transformed by air compressors. It can be seen that this use of air compressors is the most common application.

2, the air compressor can be used in the refrigeration industry and the separation of mixed gases by compressed gas

In the artificial refrigeration industry, gas can be compressed, cooled, expanded and liquefied by an air compressor, so as to achieve the effects of freezing and refrigeration and air conditioning; in addition, for mixed gases, the air compressor can also pass the separation device to separate the gas of various components. Separate out to obtain various degrees of gas.

3, the air compressor can be used for synthesis and polymerization through compressed air

In the chemical industry, certain gases are synthesized and polymerized after the pressure is increased by a compressor. For example, atmosphere and hydrogen synthesize helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide synthesize methanol, carbon dioxide and ammonia synthesize urea and so on. Polyethylene is produced under high pressure.

4. Air compressors can be used for gas transportation

Air compressors are also used for gas pipeline transportation and bottling, etc. When pipelines are used for gas transportation, air compressors are also used, such as remote gas transportation, bottling of various gases, and so on.

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