How To Choose And Buy A Spraying Machine?


Spraying machine manufacturers teach everyone how to bu […]

Spraying machine manufacturers teach everyone how to buy spraying machines.

1. The performance of the equipment is mainly the powder feeding rate and powder feeding ability for powder spraying equipment, and the processing ability for complex workpieces. It is difficult for the first contact friends to understand this indicator. It must be carefully understood. A careful comparison of the powder feeding ability of high-pressure built-in electrostatic plastic spraying machines is far higher than that of high-pressure external products. In addition, the performance of similar products from different manufacturers is often far different.

The performance of the spray gun cannot be understood only by asking about relevant parameters such as electrostatic voltage, charging current, etc. These parameters cannot be verified by users and are often false. Therefore, it must be judged through obvious special workpiece spraying tests.

2. Stability of equipment quality. The working environment of industrial processing equipment is no better than that of home appliances. Sometimes the environment is very poor, and it often works continuously for a long time without shutdown. Therefore, the stability of equipment is very important.

3. Technical service and after-sales service. Many customers need the guidance of technical experts with rich production experience to be able to master electrostatic powder spraying (plastic spraying technology) smoothly. However, the general equipment salesmen are far from meeting such requirements and can only teach customers about the use methods.

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