Do You Know All The Specifications for The Use of Glue Guns?


Whether it is artistic creation, manual work or simple […]

Whether it is artistic creation, manual work or simple patching,
there is no better tool than hot melt glue gun. Today Luxi will tell you about
the specifications for the use of China glue gun. If you are interested, go ahead and look at it:

1. Wait for the glue gun temperature to rise. It takes about two
minutes for the rubber strip to soften. When the adhesive tape is completely
melted, just press the trigger and the melted adhesive will slowly be squeezed
out. The heating time of most glue guns is about two minutes. There is an
industrial grade glue gun with a larger size, which needs to be heated for 5
minutes, so as to ensure the glue strip to melt completely.

2. Gently press the trigger to squeeze out the melted glue. The
muzzle of the gun is facing down, close to the object you want to bond. Gently
press the trigger until the melted rubber strip flows out of the nozzle. When
the gun nozzle contacts the surface of the object, the melted glue also remains
on the object. The extruded glue can be dot-shaped, circle-shaped, or even
linear, but it must be smooth.

3. Melt glue must not be squeezed too much. Squeeze a little at
the beginning and then decide whether you need more. A little melted glue is
actually very useful. When the trigger is pressed, the melted rubber strip will
flow out quickly, so it will be squeezed too much by accident. The most feared
thing is to spread large groups of melted glue everywhere. The melted glue will
solidify soon, so it is best to squeeze as much as possible.

4. Wait for the melted glue to dry. Remove the muzzle of the gun
from the surface of the object just glued. If the glue gun you are using has a
switch, push the key to the "off" position, and then put the glue gun aside. It
will take several minutes for the melt to dry completely. After the melted glue
cools and solidifies, the objects are firmly glued together. To bond the
materials more tightly, you can press with your hands or clamp the glued

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