Cooling Principle of Oil-free Air Compressor


Today Taizhou Luxi Company will introduce the cooling p […]

Today Taizhou Luxi Company will introduce the cooling principle of oil-free compressor.

Air enters the pressurization and intercooler cooling of the first-stage low-pressure rotor through the filter, and then enters the pressurization and aftercooler cooling of the second-stage high-pressure rotor through the pipeline system to reduce the high-oil compressed air to an acceptable level.

Outside cooling water enters the aftercooler, intercooler and oil cooler to cool high temperature compressed air and high temperature oil. The oil cools the low-pressure rotor and the high-pressure rotor through the pipeline system, and the high-temperature oil enters the oil cooler for cooling and then is recycled internally.

For the air of the oil-free air compressor compressed by the second-stage high-pressure rotor, the temperature can generally reach 180 ~ 190. After cooling, the temperature of the compressed air is generally controlled at 40 ~ 45 to enter the dryer for drying. About 90% (mostly shaft power) of the input power of the oil-free air compressor is taken away as heat through the cooler and consumed in the environment.

Air compressor is a kind of power equipment commonly used in the market at present. It can provide high-grade heat source for boiler feed water preheating, domestic hot water, air conditioning heating, etc. only by appropriate modification.

While ensuring the maximum heat recovery efficiency, the oil temperature of the equipment is also controlled within a normal and reasonable range, thus ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and not having any negative impact on the oil-free air compressor.

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