Brief Introduction of Advantages of Mute Oil-free Air Compressor


When it comes to air compressor, we always seem to reme […]

When it comes to air compressor, we always seem to remember the roar of motors, which has a great impact on our life and work. Due to the shortcoming of high noise, the use of air compressor has great limitations. Therefore, with the development of the times and the improvement of science and technology in other industries, new construction technologies and working principles have emerged for air compressors.

It not only solves the primary noise problem, but also provides a variety of choices according to the different requirements of different industries on the air quality of air compressors.

This article will focus on the advantages of silent oil-free air compressor.

First of all, the material of the machine itself does not contain oily substances and does not add lubricant when working, thus greatly improving the quality of exhaust air and ensuring the safety of equipment required by users. Different from oil air compressor, because the waste gas contains a large amount of oil molecules, it will bring different degrees of corrosion to the equipment, so oil-free silent air pressure is selected. Air quality must be guaranteed.

Secondly, the use and maintenance of silent oil-free air compressor is more convenient and simple than oil-free air compressor. As we all know, some air compressors with oil need to be replaced or refueled regularly during use, and some air compressors will have oil injection and leakage, which will also pollute the surrounding environment to varying degrees and require users to spend time cleaning. This will relatively increase the workload of users, which is contrary to people's willingness to use machinery and equipment to improve work efficiency.

Compared with this type of air compressor, the oil-free mute air compressor basically does not require users to spend time on maintenance, because it does not need to add a drop of oil, and the fully automatic pressure sensing switch will automatically start or stop according to the amount of air you use, thus saving worry and power. The automatic drainage device also saves users a lot of worry, so it is extremely convenient to use. The service life is also longer than that of an air compressor with oil silencing.

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