Although the research and application of my country's pneumatic manufacturing industry and pneumatic technology started relatively late, it has made great progress in the past ten years. Because air tools have the characteristics of high quality, long life, high speed, high output force and high precision, More and more businesses are optimistic about the air tools market. With the continuous advancement of technology, the development of air tools will become wider and wider.

The manual tools in our country use manpower to work in daily applications. They mainly include wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Under normal circumstances, they do not require a lot of power. Manual tools are usually used, which are convenient for operation and do not consume energy. . However, in the case of high-power operations, air tools have incomparable advantages over manual tools. Their high quality, long life, high speed, high output and high precision are quickly promoted and applied to the assembly industry and machinery industry. , Transportation industry, scooters, electric bicycles, motorcycle assembly, auto repair shops and some assembly line operations enterprises or manufacturers, play a significant role.

In the future, air tools will develop in the direction of small-scale integration, precision and intelligence, high-speed, aseptic and energy-saving. There are three main advantages:

1. Under the same output power, compared with electric tools, air tools are more suitable for long-term work without heat generation. Even if the engine is overloaded, it can resume normal operation after the phenomenon is removed.

2. Air tools are more resistant to water. Because air tools can use internal combustion engine air pumps, they can adapt to various bad or harsh environments.

3. The initial investment of air tools requires the establishment of air pressure pipeline equipment, but the long-term use of energy consumption and tool maintenance costs lower.

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